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Static Control – Material Handling – Seismic Safety Products

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Speidel ESD wrist band

DJ01 – Speidel Single-wire Wristband

Speidel Single-wire Wristband. Available in X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. SPEC SHEET

Speidel Dual-wire Wristband, ESD, Static Control

DWB – Speidel Dual-wire Wristband

Speidel Dual-wire Wristband. Available in X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. SPEC SHEET

Adjustable (fabric) Single-wire Wristband

DJ01-ADJ – Adjustable Single-wire Wristband

Adjustable (fabric) Single-wire Wristband. SPEC SHEET

Adjustable (fabric) Dual-wire Wristband

DWB-ADJ – Adjustable Dual-wire Wristband

Adjustable (fabric) Dual-wire Wristband. SPEC SHEET

heel grounder, toe grounder, full sole grounder, disposable grounder, ESD static Control

DJHG – Heel Gounders

Heel Grounders; Cup, Non-marking, Full Sole, Toe Grounders, Disposable. SPEC SHEET

The most comfortable ESD chair or stool, no question.

ESD Chairs

This is the most comfortable ESD chair or ESD stool on the market. The ESD fabric comes in Black, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Blue/Gray, Dark Blue, Dark Green and Burgundy. ESD vinyl is also available in Black and Blue. SPEC SHEET

ESD, static control, static dissipative, 2-layer, 3-layer, vinyl, rubber


ESD tablemats, conductive, static dissipative, 2-layer, 3-layer, rubber, vinyl. SPEC SHEET

Push and Clinch snaps, 10mm female, 10mm male, ESD, static control

DJ10-F / DJ10-M

Push and Clinch snaps, 10mm-female, 10mm-male. SPEC SHEET

ESD, static control, anti-fatigue, chair mat, conductive, rolls, tiles

ESD Floor mats

ESD, Static Control, Anti-fatigue, Chair mat, Conductive, Roll, Tile. SPEC SHEET

static shield, moisture barrier, cushion, anti-static tape, grid tape

Static Shield Bags

Static Shield Bags; Moisture Barrier, Cushioned and Anti-Static or Grid Tape. SPEC SHEET

Ground Cords

Grounding Cords

Ground Cords; Common-point, Floormat, Tablemat, Bench mount and Ground Plug Adapter.


smocks, ESD trash cans, conductive in-plant handlers, ESD shippers

ESD Accessories

Smocks, Conductive In-plant handlers, ESD trash cans, ESD magnifying lamps. SPEC SHEET

Table-Top Restraining System

Table-top Restraining System

Table-top Restraining System.


Table-Top Fasteners - heavy

Table-top Restraining System – HEAVY

Table-top Restraining System – HEAVY.


Table-Top Fasteners - stacked

Table-top Restraining System – STACKED

Table-top Restraining System – STACKED.


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